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LiberaTx Extended-release Oral Formulation

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Adherence to medication is critical for the management of chronic conditions. In fact, poor adherence to prescribed drugs remains the key reason for sub-optimal clinical outcomes. This is especially so for neurologically incapacitated patients (i.e. stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, mental disorders, etc.) and patients who are on long-term medication regime. A recent World Health Organization (WHO) report noted that the average non-adherence rate is 50% among patients with chronic illnesses, and the common reasons are forgetfulness and complex medication regimens. Extended-releasing polypharmacy oral formulations therefore address the issue of medication non-compliance by lowering pill burden, while enhancing recovery or managing diseases in patients. 


A continuous, stable delivery of drugs for absorption is therefore key in maintaining drugs within the therapeutic window. Our patented technology, permits biocompatible drug capsules to retain in the stomach, while controlling the release of drugs for an extended period and at tuneable rates. Despite differing properties across drug types, the technology allows for the controlled release of polypharmacies – multiple drugs. Recent pharmacokinetics studies of our technological formulations exhibited longer half-lives, mean residence times and enhanced drug bioavailability, when compared against commercially-available tablets or formulations.

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